CaFCP Wins Award for 2012 GO Campaign

27 Jun 2013

CaFCP GO Campaign

The California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) has won an award from the Sacramento International Association of Business Communications for its 2012 GO campaign. The award was one of only three awarded to non-professional advertising or PR companies out of a total of 35 awards.

The Go campaign took very technical messages about how fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and hydrogen work and translated them through a picture, tag line and two sentences into an emotional appeal that was:

1) broad enough that it covered all vehicles, no matter the automaker;

2) truthful without overpromising;

3) based on real-world information;

4) representative of all 34 of CaFCP’s members’ products and services.

The CaFCP had a goal to increase traffic to its website by 25%, but smashed that target, actually increasing traffic by 911%. It also more than doubled its Twitter following and increased Facebook engagement five-fold.

A summary of the campaign can be found here and all the Go blogs are still posted on the CaFCP website.


Source: CaFCP

Industry Directory: CaFCP


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