Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies to Market ITM Power’s Small Electrolysers

19 Mar 2012

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has signed a supply and distribution agreement with ITM Power covering ITM’s range of small-scale electrolysers. The agreement gives Horizon exclusive selling and marketing rights of the electrolysers in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as non-exclusive rights in Horizon’s other markets – 35 in total, including the USA and Japan. ITM’s small-scale electrolysers complement Horizon’s market evolution into product applications that require an on-site hydrogen supply; Horizon has built its impressive global distribution network through the commercialisation of sub-kilowatt micro fuel cell products, particularly in the educational sector.

Commenting on the announcement to Fuel Cell Today, founder and CMO of Horizon Taras Wankewycz said: “We are extremely pleased to work with ITM as this further solidifies our UK-based developments (recent product innovation center announcement), as well as complements our new range of fuel cell products, which are ever increasing in size and capability. By working more closely together, we will be able to provide complete end-to-end solutions to our clients.”


Reference: ITM Power press release

Industry Directory: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Industry Directory: ITM Power

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