Acta and Horizon Sign Letter of Intent for Electrolyser Systems

05 Jan 2012

Acta and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies have signed a letter of intent for the evaluation, development and production of electrolyser systems using Acta’s hydrogen generating technology.

Acta AES 100 stacksUnder the commercial agreement, Acta has sold an EL100 electrolyser to Horizon for evaluation purposes and will support Horizon’s evaluation procedures through the sale of additional AES100 electrolyser stacks (left) and other components. This will include a smaller, low-pressure and low-cost hydrogen generator, developed by Acta for portable fuel cell applications.

Subject to the successful completion of the evaluation stage, expected to be in the first quarter of 2012, Horizon intends to incorporate Acta’s stacks into its own electrolyser equipment for sale to its commercial fuel cell markets.

Although the agreement does not specify minimum purchase volumes, there is considerable potential. Horizon has sold hundreds of thousands of consumer fuel cell products over the past five years, the majority of which are sold together with a small electrolyser device for refuelling the fuel cell. From its original product lines of educational fuel cell kits, small demonstrators and fuel cell toys, Horizon has since developed into a major commercial fuel cell system producer, selling fuel cell systems with power capacities ranging from 10 W up to 30 kW for the portable, stationary and automotive markets, including fuel cell back-up power systems for the telecommunications market.

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