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Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Finland

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Finnish Birch Forest

This report gives a brief overview of the energy context in Finland and examines where fuel cells might fit within this. It then describes the current fuel cell RD&D activities in the country and the commercial products for both the domestic and international markets that we expect to arise from this. Finland has a strong position as a technology exporter, particularly of energy technology, and development of fuel cell technology and products can help support this position in the future.

Finland's particular strength is in the use of wood-based biomass for energy. Over a fifth of its primary energy consumption is met by bioenergy, one of the highest proportions among the OECD member countries, and it has the highest share of biomass in electricity generation in the world. Much of this is used in highly efficient combined heat and power generation (CHP), in which the country is also a world leader. The report also examines the use of wood-based biomass and potential synergies with fuel cells and hydrogen.

Photo: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho


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