SFC Energy Case Study

RCS Case Study: SFC Energy and Pioneering in a Sector

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13 Nov 2012PDF (756 kb)

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See how companies working in the fuel cell and hydrogen industries have overcome barriers and successfully certified and commercialised products in Fuel Cell Today's RCS Case Studies.

SFC Energy is a manufacturer and distributor of portable DMFC systems and is well known for its EFOY line of multi-application portable auxiliary power unit (APU) direct methanol fuel cell systems. Founded in February 2000 and headquartered in Brunnthal-Nord, Germany with a staff of ~100, the company sells its products globally and has seen great success in the European leisure market – particularly in the provision of clean, quiet, off-grid hotel-load power for mobile homes and cabins.

SFC also sells advanced EFOY Pro systems into the industrial market and bespoke products into the military market. With over 23,000 fuel cell systems now sold, primarily to the leisure industry, SFC is one of the most commercially successful consumer fuel cell companies worldwide.

This case study looks at how to define a non-existant sector, differences between European and North American certification and how to establish a fuel distribution network.


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