ReliOn Case Study

RCS Case Study: ReliOn and Conforming with Industry Standards

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13 Nov 2012PDF (718 kb)

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See how companies working in the fuel cell and hydrogen industries have overcome barriers and successfully certified and commercialised products in Fuel Cell Today's RCS Case Studies.

Formed in 1995, ReliOn (Avista Laboratories, Inc. until 2004) is a developer and marketer of PEM fuel cells for a variety of backup power, off-grid and grid support applications, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and emergency power. ReliOn has sold and delivered more than 4,600 kW of fuel cells globally to a broad range of customers, including major telecoms, government communication sites and utilities.

This case study looks at how certification can be a stepped process, the need to adhere to target market guidelines and the encouragement of novel fuel supply methods.


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