Nedstack Case Study

RCS Case Study: Nedstack and Meeting a Niche Demand

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13 Nov 2012PDF (1017 kb)

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See how companies working in the fuel cell and hydrogen industries have overcome barriers and successfully certified and commercialised products in Fuel Cell Today's RCS Case Studies.

Nedstack is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of PEM fuel cells and was established in 1998 as a spinoff of AkzoNobel – a major paints and coatings company and a global producer of speciality chemicals. Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Nedstack is now a privately owned and independent company. The majority of Nedstack’s business comes from the selling of stacks to system integrators, but the company has recently entered the chlor-alkali industry under its own name in a series of collaborations.

This case study looks at the certification and installation of a 1 MW stationary system at Solvay's chlor-alkali plant in Belgium.


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