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14 Sep 2011


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Please note that this report contains a forecast for 2011 that has been superseded by the data in The Fuel Cell Industry Review 2012. Fuel Cell Today revises all forecast data when full-year information is available to accurately quantify development in the market. We also adjusted the way we report data in 2012 for the purposes of clarity and we therefore recommend that you refer to the latest Review for the most up-to-date dataset.

As one of the most versatile energy solutions ever invented, fuel cells are able to generate clean, efficient and reliable power for almost any device requiring electricity - often at higher efficiencies than incumbent technologies. They are being used in many applications including powering forklift trucks, as domestic boiler replacements, supplying backup power for critical infrastructure needs and as external charging devices for portable electronics. The continued commercial success of fuel cells is vital to help meet the world's accelerating energy demands in a sustainable way.

In the Review Fuel Cell Today provides an introduction to fuel cell technology, includes a history of the fuel cell, presents developments in unit shipments and megawatts shipped during the period 2007 to 2010 (supported by data tables) and publishes a forecast for the full year of 2011. The Review also presents an outlook for fuel cell adoption in the future, analysing planned demonstration projects and commercial roll-outs and reporting Fuel Cell Today's expectations for unit shipment growth.

The Industry Review 2011 is available for the first time as a free download, with summary versions available in Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Printed copies are available upon request.



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